Why Jonathan Ive could be the new Steve Jobs

We’ve seen Jonathan “Jony” Ive in public before. If you don’t know who Jony Ive is, he’s the guy that led the design of all iPods and all Apple Computers for the last ten years. It’s been said multiple times that, next to Steve Jobs, Jony Ive is probably the most important person at Apple.

With the launch of the latest Macbooks, Mr. Ive has become a public figure for Apple. Sure he’s been in some interviews in the past, talking about his love for Apple, the design of the products, and the philosophy behind them. Yet now it’s different. He has presented at the special Macbook event where they launched the new notebooks and he’s the thin red line in the video on the Macbook website, explaining why they’re doing what they’re doing.

And that’s what it’s about; his explanation. There are two sides of Mr. Ive’s presentation. On the one side we have a very calm way of speaking, on the other hand we have the deep messages he always tries to get across in the simplest words possible.

And if we’re talking about Apple in relations to presentation, we know it’s (1) to the point, (2) as simple as possible and (3) that there’s always a deeper concept, a deeper philosophy behind their products. This is exactly how Steve Jobs has presented all of the keynotes since OSX. And in this way, Jonathan Ive has shown himself a proper presenter who is on par with the likes of Mr. Jobs.

The question is, will Jobs ever leave? We know he’s bound to leave eventually, but it looks a lot like ol’ Steve will stay around, even if it’s the last thing he does. The other question is, does Jony Ive have enough experience on the part of sales etc.

Right now – in my opinion – there’s no one better fit to be an inspiring CEO than Jony Ive, but only time will tell if he is asked and is up for the challenge.