Thinking vs. doing

There are some parts of my life where I know I have it mixed up, but I don’t know why and how. Yes, in this very ego-centrical article I will put myself out as the example that is described.That part of my life – this article will shine a light on – is thinking versus doing.

In professional life, I sometimes think too less or do too fast. In personal life, I sometimes think too much or postpone doing said related tasks. The problem this poses, is that some things should be thought over again and other things should have just been done. This implies that on both professional and personal basis there is an amount of overhead, which is probably about the same size.

This article will not in any way go deep into the matter, because that would be more thought-time on it, whilst it should just be written. It should be done.

There’s a few simple elements I see as a solution. These are ofcourse easier said than done, but my goal is to conditionally start applying them.

  • When thinking a while about a certain matter; step back. Look at the level of importance in the matter. If doing something about it seems harder, but a better option; do it.
  • Take time to write, take time to think and put a maximum on certain periods.
  • Use multiple recurring reminders in a day for basic routine (eg. ‘Tea’ 4 times a day). I’m currently testing Meridian for that purpose.
  • Analyse the time you have spent on activities that day. Try to do this every day.