The irony of research

Today, Ernst & Young posted the ICT-Barometer – a bi-montly research document about the current status of the dutch ICT industry.

Together with this research document there was a press-release heading “Quarter of Dutch Companies have Useless Website”. This press-release also stated that whilst online business is becoming very important in the current day and age, 52 percent of the research participants currently have a website of less-than-average quality.

Now here’s the twist. I have a general interest in the ICT industry as a whole, which means that at the moment I read the press-release, I didn’t feel the need to read the research document, but would maybe be interested in reading it later. Henceforth, I wanted to bookmark the page containing the press-release. Bookmarking the frontpage of the ICT-Barometer would not be a smart move, since this would probably be updated on the next press release, so I decided to go to the page ‘Pressreleases’. At that moment it became apparent that a press-release does not have it’s own page, nor does it have a permanent link somewhere, which you could bookmark.

In short, the company that just released a report about the lack of quality in Dutch business websites, lacks the accessibility of bookmarking a certain press-release. And as a minor note next to that; their “Contact Us” page is so invalid that an image is blocking 60% of the contact information.

Now this makes me wonder; have the researchers of the ICT-Barometer ever researched their own website’s quality?

And yes, this article has explicitly no links to external pages.

Update! I’ve received a reply from Ernst & Young.

Apparently their website is built for Internet Explorer 5.5 and up. I got pointed towards a really awesome (can you see the cynicism dripping here) extension called IETab, so I could view them in Firefox like Internet Explorer would view them.

It’s very interesting that a company with the slogan “Quality In Everything We Do” has such a lack of interest towards making a standards-compliant website that works in every modern browser!

I’ve replied them with some browser usage statistics. To be continued?