Technology is awesome

You can complain about bandwidth, you can complain about not having data on a train – hell, I do. But the technology is awesome. The internet is awesome. Forwards thinking government – yeah, I said it – is awesome. New, amazing things are awesome. Progress is awesome.

Yes, I am a nerd. You already knew that. So why the blatant over-use of the word awesome?

Well, in the last week the following happened – pardon the profanity:

And of course, Apple blew a lot of geeks’ minds at WWDC with:

  • the release of Mac OS X ‘Lion’ slated for July for $29.99,
  • the announcement of iOS 5, with features that will do more than just turn you on,
  • the announcement of iCloud, which syncs just about every important piece of data you need in day-to-day life, to all the (Apple) devices you want,
  • and Apple redefined the rules of digital audio again, by announcing a way to match your local music library to their’s, and sign up to a subscription service that’ll let you listen to that library on any Mac OS X or iOS device you have running iOS 4.3.X (TBA) or up. Did I mention apparently copyright holders support them?

Yes, all of that, in seven fucking days. Sure this might be one of the peaks of the year. But things move fast. Things improve fast. Technology is fucking awesome.

Carry on.