Staying sane in busy working life (part 1; plug out)

Let’s paint us a picture, shall we. One some of you might know all too well, especially entrepreneurs. Business and personal life get put in a big blender and mixed up. Taking a day off still means you could get a call and should spring into action.

Now, I’m going to be quite straightforward in this article and ask the basic question; how do you stay sane, how do you take a proper day off?

And this is where I start stating the obvious. Disable the internet connection on your phone and get at least 1 hour away from your main workstation; be it a laptop, be it a desktop. A month ago I was in Amsterdam for a meeting. I did not have my workstation with me; just a notebook and my iPhone. The only time constraint I had was getting the last train home. This got me a four hour timeframe where absolutely nothing would have to be in my mind.

When I got back, I was more inspired than ever. It’s quite similar to the Starbucks experience I mentioned in an earlier article. Get yourself far from any location in which you could have an influence on important situations, and don’t beat yourself up that single time, when the shit hits the fan.

You don’t have to take a holiday, you just have to plug out.