Shower shortly

A lot of people, myself included, shower once a day. A lot of these people will then shower for more than ten minutes.

This is where I took notice of something. When moving out on my own, I moved into an apartment which didn’t have a comfortable shower. It didn’t have a luxury showerhead that makes me feel like I’m in some sort of tropical rain and the pressure of the water was next to nothing.

This made me shower for the amount of time I needed to wash myself, which is somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes. Every other day I will then use my Coolskin shaver to shave in the shower, whilst the shampoo is doing it’s magic on my hair. This will add another minute or so to my showering time.

Compared to my old showering habits I noticed that getting out of the shower would make me feel more energised. Because I feel that when you get up in the morning, finally get out of your rouse of awakening and then take a relaxing shower, your body gets put into relax-mode again instead of being energetic and vital for an effective day.

And next to saving time and staying awake, shorter showers also help the environment. Now I’m not mr. environmentalist, but it’s a nice plus. That and the fact that an average nine minute shower in the Netherlands apparently costs 58 eurocents (broken down in 13 eurocents for 85L of water and 45 eurocents on 2,26kWh of energy to heat it up).

I’ve seen the use of short showers. I know when you have a relaxing shower, it’s hard be disciplined and get out from under the shower head. So my suggestions are:

  1. Try to shower shorter by showering fast and not just stand still for relaxing purposes.
  2. If you automatically go into relax-mode; get a more average showerhead. Close the faucet a bit more, so the pressure is less, and the shower is less comfortable.
  3. Don’t always shower short. Much like a diet, if you get relaxed in the shower, jump in twice a week for five minutes.