Remind Yourself

If you have a passion, there is a big chance you are pursuing it and thus are in the situation where your passion has become your profession, and your profession is also your biggest hobby.

Webdesign is a profession wherein this is distinctly noticeable. The browser is a big open window into the world, and just about anyone with a passion for the web is distinctly active on the web. This activity lies in the urge to improve, the urge to find kinship, and the urge to help others in this big wide web of ours.

And if you are anything like me, you are probably up – many a night – towards a quarter of the AM, writing fiercely about something, totally lost in a design or getting your keyboards money’s worth.

Yet we need not fall into the traps our passion poses. The continuity of business can get us into a situation where we lose the focus of our profession. The fixation on a certain design can make us forget meetings, both professional and social. And the persistent pressure of getting things done can get us into a vicious cycle of bad code, design or copy.

We can get into such situation because of our passion, and we then need to remind ourselves of our passion. We need to remind ourselves to step away when we start repeating our work or when we create inferior products. Step aside and if you have ignored your blog for a while, write a post. If you have ignored your photostream for a while, upload a photo. If you stopped working out, try to start again.

Sure, there are times in your life where you can’t think of shooting another frame, where you can’t think of writing another letter, where you can’t think of moving another pixel – be it with code or arrow keys on your keyboard. But our power lies in the versatility of our creativity, be it photograpy, be it writing, be it painting or be it soldering two pieces two wires together to get a forty year old car radio to work as a wall-mounted audio system (not that I’ve tried).

There are times when you just have to let things go for a short while. Procrastination isn’t always bad – much like Merlin Mann pointed out in a recent video. But when these whiles become structural – and I’m saying when, not if – we need to put ourselves in our place and spend a day doing the exact thing we do not want to do.

If you are passionate, you are one of the lucky few. Remind yourself of your passion from time to time. Remind yourself of why you do what you do. Because gaining a passion is hard, and losing it happens without notice.