Introducing Skype Simple.skypeChatStyle

Update: Brief 1.5 has been released. Upgrading is recommended!

Update 1.0: This post is outdated! Skype Simple is now called Brief. Read the release
Update 0.8: Bazillion Fixes, UI-refinements to emotes (the /me messages)
Update 0.7: Many fixes and UI-refinements.
Update 0.62: Offers tighter media-queries.

The past twenty four hours, ever since the release of Skype 5 Beta for Mac, I have been a little manic about Skype Chat Styles. Yesterday evening, I started building one from scratch (still staying inspired by Margus Holland who created the original Panamericana)

After putting out a few test-versions on the Twitter, I decided to dedicate a blog post to it. Skype Simple has been created on a few basic design principles:

  1. The Chat Window should be as simple as possible
  2. Wide Chat Windows should allow for more UI elements (there is a media-query in place to show the Avatars when the window gets wide enough)
  3. Wide Chat Windows should allow for a more efficient alignment of Name and Message, so space doesn’t get wasted.

I would urge you to download Skype Simple 0.8 and play around with it! Make the window bigger and tell me about your experience!

Mind you, Skype Simple is created for Skype 5, earlier versions of Skype will not work. Installation instructions after the jump!

How to install a custom SkypeChatStyle

  1. Download the Chat Style
  2. Go to Your home folder > Library > Application Support > Skype
  3. Create a folder called ChatStyles if it doesn’t exist.
  4. Drag the .SkypeChatStyle into this folder
  5. Restart Skype.
  6. Go to Skype Preferences and choose the Chat Style in the Style dropdown in the Chat section.