On maykelloomans.com in it’s current incarnation

A while ago I decided to get the domain maykelloomans.com. Your name, your domain-name; pretty simple, right?. You are your own brand, a brand verbalized by your own name. You can bastardize it a bit (mykl is a fonetic version of maykel), you can broaden the spectrum (miekd.nl is for miek’d, a fusion between my nickname ‘miek’ and punk’d), but the common thread, the one thing that identifies you, in this world will always be your ‘real name’.

For a while then I had the idea lying around to create a single page where all the fragmented elements of my online existence be wired together. Enter timvandamme.com; a website I ran into a month or two ago – just after it was released. Tim created a site with a few simple goals in mind;

  • To have a central location for all the Social Network / Social Media site he is active on.
  • To communicate in short who he is, and what he does
  • To be found if someone ever needs him (including his vCard)

Combining this with the personal urge to have an online intersection for the most important things related to myself, this site gave me a flash of what I wanted to communicate. So after deconstructing it and getting to the core of the communication, maykelloomans.com.

I decided to remove the about section, due to the fact that my activities are illustrated by the terms “Creative Director at Airglow Studios” and “Blogs at mykl.nl”. Next to that I personally did not feel that a few lines about myself are all that interesting to read, so in the mindset of REDUCE, I decided to scrap that.

This left one part of the site behind; the contact section. The contact section shouldn’t and wouldn’t be all that different from Tim’s website. The reason for this is that there is no simpler traditional way. To streamline contact information, one could choose to create a simple contact form, yet that is not the topic of this article.

Getting to the contact section was a whole different story entirely. For this a very grey tab was created. Desaturated to break with the rest of the intense, colourful images and to receive the extra attention it needs. I’ve omitted the vCard for now, and scrapped down the ways of contact to the bare minimum.

Currently I am letting my mind wander about maykelloomans.com and my short term plans with it. There are some sketches, an early iteration of the concept is set. Maybe the upcoming winter-holiday in the mountains will add a much-needed, clear train of thought. To be continued ..

A few other examples of these personal identity websites;