Of mice and men .. and early birds

… or; Getting forced out of bed at 0600, whilst not a morning person.

When I was walking, bicycling and standing in the center of my beautiful city, a few things came to mind.

  1. Getting up at 0600 is not hell on earth, if you have some discipline.
  2. There are no douchebags in traffic.
  3. There are, however, a lot of trucks in traffic.
  4. I’m quite glad I’m not a baker, 0600 is early enough already.
  5. No one calls you.

    and therefore most importantly;
  6. The ease of a city that is ‘booting up’ is a nice revelation and psychologically very interesting, relative to the activity during the day.

And while the morning isn’t my time of day, at all, the boring, repetitive stuff my work has to offer, gets done with quite some speed and ease.

Now all of that is actually kicking open doors in, but I have to say it’s a nice, quiet, easy way to start up a day. I’m not saying I would do this every day, or even a lot of days, but I sure am going to try again soon.

Can a non-morning-person be productive as an early bird? Everything is conditionable, right?