NEF to JPEG; An awesome Automator batch for Nikon DSLRs

After five years of using a Nikon DSRL, after tens of thousands of frames shot, one ends up with a large database of photos. If you are anything like me, you then end up with a large database of raw NEF files. Luckily the D70 is quite old and these files are ‘just’ six megabytes each, but these amount to a number in the tens, if not hundreds, of gigabytes.

For a while, instead of letting all those photos catch the proverbial dust in the corner of my harddrive, I’ve been using Apple’s iPhoto. It allows me to quickly access photos of all of the cool places I’ve been, people I’ve met and fun I had. This brings with itself a conundrum, because if there is one thing you don’t want to do, it’s putting tens of gigabytes of RAW files in iPhoto. Creating and running a Photoshop batch – however flexible they may be – is always a bit of a hassle. Therefore I have created a batch process with Mac OS X’s built-in Automator.

For general photo management I now have the following workflow.

  1. The original raw NEF files are preserved on their own little spot on my harddrive, backup drives etc.
  2. The original raw NEF files will be run through an Automator batch that creates JPEGs and downsizes the images
  3. These downsized images will be imported into iPhoto

This allows for:

  • Total control of the original files and it’s file management
  • Great accessibility of personal events through iPhoto

Interested in this workflow? Here are two of the workflows I use:

  1. NEF to JPEG
  2. NEF to JPEG, longest side scaled to 1500 pixels

Download NEF-to-JPEG 1.0