“Clutching our Memories”

I wonder if memory-loss is bittersweet. A culling of the less important for a top ten list committed to the human limit of long-term memory. Technology allows us to surpass such drawbacks, but at what cost? Pulling out your phone to document removes you and those around you from the moment if ever so slightly. The gain is a series of photos and videos of portions of these moments from sporadic days of your life.

Kyle Meyer’s latest words resonated with me in a very big way. For a large part I agree, but I would also implore us all to look past the stigma of being removed from the moment.

A photo is a visual moment in time from your perspective at that respective time. It is a visual link — a bookmark — to a memory. For me, the process of creating the photograph has that purpose; creating that bookmark. Sure, we shouldn’t look at a concert through our phone’s video camera screen. But I don’t think that taking out a camera with the intent to make this bookmark removes you from the moment at all.

That being said, as technology progresses, I believe we will gain tools to allow more passive or edge-based logging. With edge-based I mean, for example, the way that Day One uses a photo’s metadata to create a moment from it. Better batteries, more efficient, precise location hardware and software, combined with photography and metadata from services is what we will see in the near future. This will allow us to look at our past and define the level of signal of a certain moment, within the noise of our lives.