I like iA Writer

… partly because I am still in recovery. Because of that my day is focused around one key subject: rest. I sit here on a couch, with many of Apple’s glorious devices around me.

I’ve seen the TV Series I follow regularly and close to all the movies that were on my wish list and available currently. And while my mind rumbles on and I have close to four hundred and thirty seven things I would like to do/design/develop/create/build/give man-birth to, I feel like writing.

Yes, I am at the point of being in the ‘writing-groove’ as I would call it. And maybe it is because of yesterday’s novel worth of thoughts spit out on this blog, written in an iPad app called ‘iA Writer’.

iA Writer is an app created by the lovely folks at Information Architects, which is solely built for… writing. If you want to know more about it, iA themselves are great at explaining what it does.

I love WriteRoom et al.

… and I love OmmWriter, Simplenote and just about any basic writing app you can throw in my face. The reason Writer seems to work for me is because of the following picture:

I am an absolutely un-concentrated fuckwit, who is at most times not even capable of showing levels of concentration that domestic animals offer when they have to chase two different toys at the same time.

Writer then wins on a couple of key points:

  • It’s on the iPad. There are no windows. There are no multiple toys to look at.
  • It hides the lines above and below. I even keep the on screen keyboard open with the external one attached, just to hide more content.
  • It looks so absolutely smooth. In some way it feels like stroking your hand across a woman’s shoulder covered in velvet, just before you grab your neck and kiss her… Wait, what?

And yes, I know Writer is just another tool. And with all tools, it’s about a change in mindset, before you actually get anything done. I mean, people used – and still use – devices that don’t even support backspace.

But if you have writing issues and an iPad, skip a pint, buy Writer and find out if it fixes your problem too.