Day One

Day One is a journaling application for OS X and iOS, which syncs over Dropbox or iCloud. Day One’s latest update intrigued me so much, that I had to link to it. As with every journaling app I tried before, I never really used Day One effectively.

I would never grab my phone to add a Day One entry, and with good reason. Adding an entry is totally disruptive in any context in which you are on the go, seeing as it takes way too much time.

With the added support for photos, they also added the ability to date your entry to the time when the photo was taken. And because a photo is a visual thing, this automatically allows you to add written context to the photo. Next to that, they also grab the photo’s geolocation, which — if you add it within three days — allows them to also grab the local weather information of that moment in time. Now that is magic.

If ever you were interested in journaling, now is the time.