California with Camera+

About a week into my USA Road Trip, while standing on a tiny ledge at the Grand Canyon, my DSLR decided to break down on me. Due to the planning of the trip I couldn’t get it fixed ad-hoc at a store, so I ended up looking for a different way to visually record my trip. This was either (1) get a new camera or (2) use my iPhone as my main camera.

I started out with overzealously using Hipstamatic, but soon my app of choice for this became Camera+ (which you might know from the frantic retweeting). I absolutely love using Camera+ for a few reasons:

  1. Gridlines,
  2. The “image stabilizer”, but most importantly,
  3. The simple, but effective, editing capabilities.

The easy way to slap some effects on might turn off you purists – I didn’t like it myself at the start – but when we were driving across the Highway One and I was able to process 90% of the photos I took on my iPhone, I was convinced I didn’t need to carry my hefty DSLR along all the time for some fancy shots.

Differences in image quality are night and day. The bokeh of a 50mm f1.4 is non-comparable. And yes, I did miss a lot of shots due to a lack of wide-angle, and a lack of proper depth-of-field. But when you take away what you can’t do and look at what you can do, you start to look at photography differently. At least… I did.

I know I still went way too far with the effects, but you should check out my Camera+ in California flickr set.