#belgcamp; Evening One

Last friday I attended part of the first day of #belgcamp, meeting up with all of them in the Kosmopol in Leuven, Belgium. Although I did not attend the whole of #belgcamp, here’s a quick review of the evening.


Same as with the Twiist after-party, the Kosmopol in Leuven was the place to be for webgeekery. And it serves itself well for this. The Kosmopol has a kind of back room – they probably use for reserved parties – which serves a group of web geeks well. Tim‘s tweet was a good confirmation of this fact.

Photo of David, Sam and others at #belgcamp

Conversation & Crafting

If there is something that is never lacking at a web geek gathering, it is conversation. From small talk to deep conversations on standards, and the philosophies behind our industry. And a gathering with designers is never short of crafting. Place mats were used for visualization as well as the creation of an envelope, a wax seal was crafted with a nearby candle and that is only the parts I’ve attended.

Vehicle Inefficience

That is probably the neatest way of saying: “It took me more than 30 minutes to find a parking spot, and when I ran out to fill the meter, my car had been towed.” Never a dull evening, right? Though – apart from the fine – it wasn’t an awful experience after all. The local police of Leuven were polite, fast and even gave me a ride to the car depot. And a Gowalla pin was procured, of course.

For the short time that I have attended #belgcamp, I have loved it. And – looking at the twitter feed – it was amazing all around. This again goes to show that the web designer and -developer folk are one of the greatest kinds of people to be around. Tim, Paddy and Dave, I salute you!