Apple’s inconvenient, incompetent iPhone Developer Program

A few days ago I realized I hadn't updated for a week. After that I realized I complain a lot. After that up popped a thought bubble containing the great old positive-thinking management phrase “Do not think in problems, think in solutions.”

“Hey Mr. Guru; shut the hell up.”

[narcissist] What do I do? I design, I develop; I create, I solve; I re-iterate and I stumble. And what do I do too? I walk against astonishingly thick mental brick walls. [/narcissist] In the words of Keith Olbermann “Today, a special comment ..”; a special comment on the iPhone Developer Program enrollment.

For over a month we (Airglow Studios) have been trying to get an iPhone Developer License. You'd think with Apple this would be a smooth and simple n-step process. Wrong. It started out with waiting for two weeks after we applied. After these 14 days of waiting we decided to call the developer line. A kind person was able to tell me we had to fax in our Chamber of Commerce information; we did so. After not hearing from them for another week, we decided to call in again. The same kind person was able to tell me that the application was a success and we'd receive an e-mail in less than a day.

We received an e-mail two days later. This e-mail referred to an Apple Store which was offline at the time. After calling (again.. can you see a pattern emerging?) another kind person was able to tell us the store had some technical difficulties.

Today we received another e-mail. The store is online. The U.S. Apple Store has the iPhone Developer Program. All the european stores don't.

So after over four weeks of constantly having to re-initiate contact, constantly being left in the dark and constantly trying to get that godawful developer license, we still don't have it. We were told to wait.

Indeed, it is impossible for us to attain an iPhone Developer License at this moment in time; a month after we’ve applied. Thanks, Apple.. No really, Thanks.