A week without workflow

I know this isn’t the most active blog out there (yet), but the interval since the last article has been one of the largest. This is due to the fact that my MacBook Pro has decided to die on me, last saturday. She’s (starting today the device has a gender) currently in surgery and should be up and running somewhere along – or after – the weekend.

This has left me with a Mac-less environment for three days now. The first day wasn’t the biggest problem, it was a sunday, it was the day I spent 7 hours getting data off of her.

The second and third day, however, make me feel much like a soldier running onto the battlefield with a paintball gun. Switching to Mac was a piece of cake, temporarily switching back is running the quarter mile with Bette Midler on your shoulders.

Conclusion? I need a backup-Mac.

See you when I see you.